Ship Ecommerce Orders accounts on the E-commerce plan and certain legacy plans can connect stores to import orders asd well as create manual orders. Your orders will appear in the ORDERS tab, where you can create shipping labels and take advantage of the many order management features we provide.

Creating labels to ship orders is very similar to creating labels for shipping packages. The main difference is that orders will import from a store and include the recipient address and the items needed to ship. You can use any carrier available for these labels (USPS, UPS, DHL Express, etc.). For plans that do not include the ORDERS tab, you can still create package labels from the MAIL tab. offers several options for ecommerce shippers to automate their shipping process, including service mapping, automation rules, and product-specific settings (especially useful for customs declarations when shipping internationally).

Shipping International Orders

When shipping internationally, you must add customs declarations for the items you send. Please review our International Shipping article for more details about adding customs declarations.

Additionally, be sure you are familiar with any country-specific restrictions before sending your package. This will help avoid issues with non-delivery or returned packages.

Create Labels for Orders

To create labels for your orders:

Printing Ecommerce Labels in Bulk

To bulk print ecommerce labels, select similar orders and configure them in the same way, or choose orders that have already been configured.

When you're configuring orders, make sure all the addresses are either all domestic or all international. This will allow you to pick a carrier and service class for all of them. Any other changes are applied uniformly across all selected orders.

To bulk update, check the boxes next to the orders on ORDERS. The edit panel will open on the side (if using Online) or below if using PC software).


You can update the following in bulk:

  • Ship From (Online only)

  • Weight

  • Domestic Service

  • Int'l Service

  • Insurance (Online only)

  • Insure Amt $ (Online only)

  • Tracking (Online only)

  • Dimensions

Once you get a rate, click Print to finish.

Save time with Groups!

If you frequently mail or ship to the same individuals or companies in your contacts list, create Groups so you can add them all to your mass mailing more quickly.

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