Manage Account Users

Certain plans allow multiple user profiles within a single account. If your account is on a plan that supports having more than one user, you can go to your account User settings to add, edit, and remove the user profiles in the account. Managing users requires admin-level access for the logged-in user.

When you add new users to your account, they will receive an activation email. The new user can then log into the account and set their user profile password.

Add Users

To add users to your account:

Edit Users

User details and permissions can be edited by any admin user or user with the permissions set to do so.

To edit a user's details or permissions:

Delete Users

You can delete users from the account if they no longer need access (for example, if an employee leaves your company). Deleting a user does not affect the data associated with that user in your account. That data - for example, any transactions linked to that user - will still exist in your account.

To delete users from your account:

The user will then no longer have access to log into the account.

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