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Contacts List Now in Mobile

Updated January 31, 2024:'s mobile app now has the ability to view your account contacts list. You can also quickly create NetStamps, envelopes, and labels for anyone in your contacts list! mobile app with arrow pointing to the Contacts option in the Navigation section

Simply select a contact to view the contact's details. Tap Send to Contact to quickly create NetStamps, envelopes, or shipping labels for that contact.

Stamps mobile: Contact details and Send to Contact button.

Currently, the contacts list in the mobile app is view only. So you can't add or edit contact details yet. However, check back soon as we'll be adding the add and edit capabilities as quickly as we can!

Print NetStamps & Envelopes with Mobile

Update October 23, 2023. In addition to viewing your account print history and printing shipping labels, you can now print both NetStamps and envelopes using Mobile!

Stamps mobile. Drawer of Create options: NetStamps, Shipping Label, Envelope

Be sure to update to the latest version of the mobile app to gain access to the NetStamps and envelope printing capabilities. Check out our Mobile App help articles for details and step-by-step instructions.

History Page Updates

Updated October 10, 2023. is updating the History page to improve performance and match the grid customization behavior in the Products, Contacts, and Account Management pages. These updates will also allow to implement future improvements based on your feature requests!

Grid Management Changes

As part of this change, was unable to preserve your existing preferences. That means, if you customized your History grid previously, it will return to its default state. Here is what you need to know to customize your History grid and return it to your preferred configuration:

  • Columns can still be moved and resized using the same click-and-drag process as before.

  • When you hover your cursor over the column header, you'll now see 3 horizontal lines instead of the down arrow. Click this menu to see your options.

  • The option to "freeze" a column has changed to "Pin" and you can now quickly auto-size columns individually or all at once. You can also quickly reset your grid layout to its default state.

  • To show or hide specific columns, click the vertical lines icon then select or deselect the columns you'd like to show or hide.

  • The History page settings icon has been removed, as all of the relevant options are present within each column menu.

  • The Grid Density feature has been removed. To show more columns in your History tab, you can change the column widths individually or adjust the zoom level of your browser.

Easily Identify Tax Savings

It's that time of year again: Tax Season. The following information is NOT advice for filing or preparing your taxes. That is the job for tax professionals.

  • Subscription fees for when used for business mailing and shipping can be considered legitimate business expenses.

  • The cost of mailing and shipping for your business are generally considered legitimate business expenses.

Using our REPORTS feature, you can prepare a report for postage expenses.

  1. Go to REPORTS.

  2. Set a Custom Date Range, in this case for the entire year.

  3. Select Summary as the Report Type.

  4. Export your Report as a CSV file.

International Service Interruptions

Due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine, there are service interruptions you may need to be aware of:

  • USPS: International Postal Transit through Ukranian territory has been suspended until further notice. Shipments already in Europe will most likely be stuck at an airport for some time. Shipments that have not left the US will likely be held at one of five USPS International Service Centers. Review the USPS Alerts page for more details.

    Other USPS International Service Disruptions.

  • UPS: UPS has suspended service to and from Ukraine and shipments to Russia. Review the UPS Alerts page for more details.

  • FedEX: FedEx has suspended service to and from Ukraine. Review the FedEx Alerts page for more details.

  • DHL: DHL was still operating at least one flight from the European hub in Leipzig to Moscow over the Feb. 26-27 weekend but that is expected to be suspended as the Aircraft used is registered in Russia. Review the DHL Alerts page for more details.

  • eBay: The eBay Global Shipping Program has suspended shipments to Ukraine and Russia.

This is the latest information we have available. We will update this page as more information becomes available.

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