Reprint NetStamps in Mobile

If your NetStamps print incorrectly due to a printer error, you can reprint immediately after the print occurs from the Create or later from the History. will reprint NetStamps for no additional charge.

If your NetStamps print incorrectly due to a printer error, you have a chance to reprint without purchasing another sheet.

Print On Options

When processing a reprint, you must use the same print material used on the original print. For a list of compatible print materials, refer to our Print On Options.

Carrier Reprint Window

When reprinting from the History tab, each carrier has a specific window for processing reprints. Please review the table below to ensure you are within the reprint timeframe window for your carrier.


Reprint Window


24 hours


90 days


Reprint requests can be made within 12 hours of the original print or until 11:59:59 PM of the print date.


90 days

All other carriers

90 days


Once the reprint window for your carrier has expired, you will no longer be able to request a reprint. To submit a refund for your print, see Request a NetStamps Refund.

Reprint From Create

Once you've completed your print you will have the option to immediately Reprint your postage by tapping Reprint from the print screen. Please note, once you leave this screen, you no longer have the option to reprint from the Print screen.


Reprint From History

Subscription Plan Requirement

This feature is not available for all subscription plans. If you would like to use this feature but cannot access it as described here, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Visit our plan pricing page to see what features are available with our current plans. To upgrade your plan, go to the profile menu in your account and choose Manage Account > Subscription Plan.

To reprint NetStamps from History:

  1. Go to History and select the print you want to reprint, then tap Reprint.

  2. Tap Reprint.

  3. Tap Reprint to confirm that you are using the same print material used in your original print.

  4. Tap Serial Number.

  5. Enter the same serial number used on the original print, then tap Save.

  6. Select a space on the NetStamps sheet for your postage, then tap Reprint NetStamps.

  7. Select the correct printer and paper tray, then tap Print.

  8. Tap Done.

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