Non-Profit Plans offers a discounted monthly price of $12.79 for non-profit plans, a plan type available to eligible 501(c)(3) organizations. The Non-Profit plan is a single-user plan. If you switch your multi-user plan to a non-profit plan, you will lose the extra users and only keep the main login of the account administrator.

To convert your existing account to a Non-Profit plan, email the following documents to :

  1. A cover letter with your account number requesting to convert to the Non-Profit Plan.

  2. A copy of your IRS determination letter confirming your 501(c)(3) status.

    You can get a replacement copy of the IRS determination letter from the IRS if you do not have this document.

Upon receipt of the determination and cover letters, our Commerce Department will convert your plan.

New Customers

Select a plan to sign up and then complete the steps above.

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