Unable to Log In or Print Postage

Standalone firewall software and firewalls included in many internet security software packages may prevent you from logging into the Stamps.com PC software. They may also cause issues with the Stamps.com software that prevent you from printing postage. In most cases, adding the Stamps.com PC software as an exception in the firewall software will resolve these issues.

There are many popular firewall and internet security software packages available. To assist you, we have included links to the help content for some of the most commonly used firewall and internet security software packages.

If you are not familiar with configuring your firewall software, please reach out or have your IT person contact our Customer Care team for assistance.

Error Message: Unable to Log In or Print Postage

If you receive an error message when attempting to log in or print postage from your account, please contact Stamps.com Support for further assistance.

Allow Access for Stamps.com PC Software in Your Firewall

We've listed resources below for some of the most common firewall software packages. Most software is updated on a regular basis, so we recommend visiting the software's support page for the most up to date steps and help guides.

Name of Stamps.com PC Software in Firewall

When adding the Stamps.com PC software to your firewall, the name of the software will be listed as either ipostage.exe or as Internet Postage Application.

Norton Internet Security & Norton 360

Norton offers both the Internet Security and Norton 360 software. The following resources should give you the information you need for both.

Help Resources

McAfee Internet Security

McAfee recently updated its internet security interface, and there are multiple versions of the interface available. As the steps to edit the firewall settings will differ based upon the version you are running, we recommend visiting the following resources:

Help Resources

AVG Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security

Help Resources

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