Unable to Select a Mail Service

This article provides a few troubleshooting steps to assist you when the Mail Service drop-down menu is grayed out in Stamps.com, preventing you from selecting a mail service.

Here are the most common causes of this issue and steps to resolve them:

  • You need to clear your browser's cache.

    Open Stamps.com in a different web browser or a private/incognito tab in your current web browser. If you can select a mail service, then clearing your browser's cache will often fix the issue.

  • You have pop-up blockers enabled.

    Some pop-up blockers may cause issues in Stamps.com. Turn off any pop-up blockers or add Stamps.com as an exception.

  • You have firewall software enabled.

    Corporate or personal firewall software can sometimes cause issues with Stamps.com:

    • If you have access to your firewall settings, try turning it off temporarily. If you can select a mail service with the firewall turned off, you may need to add an exception for Stamps.com to the firewall software.

    • If you have a corporate firewall and feel that the firewall could be the issue, reach out to your IT department for assistance. Your IT tam can also contact our customer care team for assistance if needed.

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