Troubleshoot PC Software Crashes or Freezes

Follow the steps in the section below that best represents your situation if the PC software sometimes crashes, closes, freezes unexpectedly, or displays one of the following error messages:

  • Abnormal program termination

  • This program has performed an illegal operation PC Software Freezes on the Splash Screen

When there is a problem with the connection between the PC software and a connected postal scale, the software may freeze on the splash screen and never fully open. Follow the steps in this section if you are experiencing this issue.

  1. Power off your postal scale. If the scale does not have a power switch, disconnect it from the USB port.

  2. Launch and log into the PC software.

  3. Power on the postal scale or plug it back into the USB port.

Did this resolve your issue?

  • Yes! Great! If the issue occurs again, try leaving the scale powered off when not in use and power it on only after launching the PC software.

  • No: Feel free to reach out to support so we can assist you further.

The Software Freezes or Crashes While in Use

It is possible for the PC software on your computer to become corrupted. When this occurs, you may experience the software randomly closing or freezing up. Repairing the software installation typically resolves these issues. Follow the steps in this section to repair the installation of the software.

  1. Exit the PC software.

  2. Open your web browser and go to

  3. Click the Download (64-bit) button to download the PC software installer.

  4. Launch the stamps64.exe file you just downloaded. The PC software installation wizard will open.

  5. Select Repair Application. Then, click Next.


    The software repair will begin.

  6. Click the Finish button to exit the installation wizard.


    The PC software will open.

Did repairing the software stop the application from crashing or freezing?

  • Yes! Great! You're all set.

  • No: Feel free to reach out to support so that we can assist you further.

The Software Crashes when You Select Orders

The software may close unexpectedly when you open the Orders interface. This is typically due to the order files becoming damaged or corrupted.

Follow the steps in the sections below to reimport your order files. This will typically resolve this issue.

1. Locate the Software Profile Files

The first step is to locate the PC software profile files. Then, you will modify the files so that the orders can be reimported.

  1. Exit the software.

  2. Open the Windows Run prompt by pressing Windows Key + R on your keyboard.

  3. Type %appdata% into the Open field. Then, click OK.


    The Application Data folder will open.

  4. Locate the Internet Postage folder and open it.

  5. Locate the Batch folder. Then, right-click the folder and select Rename. Rename the folder to Batch Backup.

  6. Locate the Profiles folder in the same window and open it. Then, locate the Versioned folder and open it.

    You should now be in the Internet Postage > Profiles > Versioned folder.

  7. Open the folder with several numbers as the folder name, like 611638, for example.

    If there is more than one folder, open the one with the most recent Date Modified date.


    You will see a list of files, one for each profile you have connected to the PC software.


Next, you need to update the files so that the software can redownload the orders for each profile.

2. Update the Profile Files

In this section, you will update the files to remove the date that tells the PC software the last date and time it downloaded and updated orders. This is so that you can then redownload all of your orders for the profile.

If you have more than one profile, be sure to follow the steps in this section for all of the profile files in the folder.

  1. Right-click on the file and select Edit.

    If Edit is not available, select Open With then select Wordpad.


    The file will open in WordPad. You may wish to enable Word Wrap if it is not already enabled. Go to View > WordWrap > Wrap to Ruler.

  2. Locate the line in the file that begins with LastRefreshTimePreviousSession.

  3. Delete the text (the date and time) between quotation marks. Do not delete the quotation marks.


    The line should look like this:

  4. Go to File > Save to save your work. Then, exit the file.

3. Import Your Orders

You should now be able to open the Orders interface without the software crashing. However, you need to reimport your orders.

  1. Open the PC software and log in.

  2. Select Orders.

  3. Click the Import Orders button.

  4. Set the Start Date to the date of your oldest order.

  5. Click OK.

Your orders will be imported.

Did reimporting your orders fix the issue with the software crashing when opening Orders?

  • Yes! Great! You're all set.

  • No: Feel free to reach out to support so that we can assist you further.

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