Label QR Codes

Paperless labels, or label QR Codes, are barcodes generated during label purchase to be scanned and printed at a later time. This code is then scanned at a drop-off location where a paper label is printed and placed on the package. offers the following label QR codes:

Where can I find participating locations?

To find USPS post offices that accept label QR codes for scanning and printing labels, search using the USPS locator.

UPS label QR codes can be scanned at any UPS retail store.

How long is my label QR code valid?

Label QR codes will expire within 7 days of purchase. You will need to repurchase the label if your QR code expired before it was used to print a label.

Can I get a refund for an unused label QR code?

Expired, unused USPS label QR codes are eligible for a refund. You must submit a refund request through the web app or PC Software. Learn how to refund USPS postage.

Refunds cannot be processed in the mobile app.

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