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You can print your newsletters or marketing materials on one side of the paper with postage on the outside edge for a quick and easy mailer. PC Software supports the following bi-fold and tri-fold options:

  • Brochure - Xerox 103R01018 -Phaser Tri-Fold

  • Flier - Plain Paper Bi-Fold

  • Flier - Plain Paper Tri-Fold Top

  • Flier - Plain Paper Tri-Fold Center

  • Self-Seal Mailer - Avery 8325

If you have any marketing materials pre-printed on your own brand of tri-folding paper, you can use our 3-part Multipurpose Labels or NetStamps instead.

Print a Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold Mailer

  1. Log in to the PC software.

  2. Go to Envelopes.

  3. Specify the delivery address.

  4. Select the option Letters for Mailpiece.

  5. Select More from the Printing On drop-down menu and choose your mailer.

    Make sure the printing stock is inserted to print on the opposite side of your marketing material.

  6. Click Print Postage.


    The postage prints on one of the folds for easy folding and mailing.

Print a Sample

Insert plain paper in your printer and click Print Sample to ensure you know how to orient the mailers in your printer.

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