Create Shipping Labels in Mobile

You can create shipping labels with the mobile app using either your packaging or carrier-supplied packaging (like flat-rate boxes). The app will guide you through all the necessary steps for either packaging option.

This article explains how to create shipping labels and then print, download, or make a QR code for the label.

Requires WiFi Enabled Printers

To print from your smartphone (either Android devices or iPhones/iPads), you must have a WiFi-enabled printer that is connected to the same network as your mobile device. If you have never printed from your mobile device before, we've included a test print option within the app so you can ensure your devices are working together properly before you purchase postage.

To create shipping labels with Mobile:

  1. Choose Shipping Label.


    The Create Shipping Label screen will open.

  2. Tap Ship From then, enter or select the address you will be shipping from and tap Save.


    Add or Change Ship From Address

    If you are using the Mobile App for the first time, you only have to do this step once. You can also change your Ship From address or add a new one from here.

  3. Tap Ship To to enter the name and address of your recipient. When finished, tap Save.


    When adding the To address, you'll see the auto-fill option from your Contacts list once you type at least three letters. If your recipient is in your Contacts list, select the contact from the available options. The mobile app will auto-fill the contact's address for you.

  4. Tap Package Details, then choose which type of packaging you will use:

    Stamps mobile create-a-label process. Shows the Package Details icon
    • If you choose My Packaging, enter the Weight and Dimensions of your package.

    • If you choose Carrier Packaging, select the carrier and package type you wish to use and then tap Save.

  5. Tap Shipping Details and select the service you wish to use. Then, tap Save.


    If you are using Your Packaging, our built-in Rate Advisor will first show recommended shipping services based on your package destination, weight, and dimensions, with the least expensive at the top.

  6. Tap Tracking and choose the tracking option that works best for you. The default is Free Tracking. Tap Continue.

Your shipping label is now ready to purchase and print. You can print directly to a WiFi-enabled printer, download to print later or produce a QR code for a no-label drop-off.

Stamps Mobile. Create Shipping Label options. Print. Download. Drop-off/QR-Code

Print, Download or Create QR Code Labels

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