Set Thermal Printer Preferences

Printing to a thermal printer with requires correctly configuring your printer preferences in your operating system (Windows or macOS) to use the correct paper size.

OS Printer Settings

Select your operating system below (Windows or macOS) for the steps to configure your system's printer preferences for a thermal printer.

PC Software Printer Settings

In addition to setting the correct paper size in your Windows printer preferences, the PC software has a few additional settings you'll need to configure.

Configure your Printer

  1. Go to the Tools menu and select Configure Printer.


    The Printer Configuration window will open.

  2. Select your thermal printer from the Default Printer drop-down. Then, select the correct Default Paper Feed Tray. Click Next.

    Most thermal printers will list Continuous Roll for the default paper feed tray.

  3. Specify whether or not you will be printing to 4" x 6" labels with your thermal printer. Click Next.


    The most common size of shipping labels used for shipping packages is 4" x 6". However, if your printer does not support 4" x 6" labels or if you will be printing to NetStamp rolls, you can select No.

  4. Click Finish.

Enable EPL & ZPL

Many thermal printers, but not all, support the Eltron Printer Language (EPL) and/or Zebra Printer Language (ZPL). Printers that support these printer languages usually print faster (more labels per minute) and, in some cases, have fewer print errors than those that do not. The PC software allows you to enable support for EPL and ZPL. printers that support EPL/ZPL include the ProLabel Express Thermal Printer, Zebra ZD220, Zebra ZSB, and Zebra ZP 450

Check your printer's documentation if you are unsure whether or not your printer supports these printer languages. Then, follow the steps below to enable EPL/ZPL if your printer does support using these printer languages.

  1. Go to the File menu and select Preferences.

  2. Check the boxes for Use EPL for Eltron thermal printers and Use ZPL for Zebra thermal printers in the Print Preferences section of the General tab. Then, click OK.


The PC software is now configured for your thermal printer.

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