Create & Print NetStamps with Mobile

You can use the Stamps mobile app to print First-Class postage on NetStamps. The mobile app currently supports the same NetStamps sheets as our web app. NetStamp rolls are not yet supported in the mobile app.

Requires WiFi Enabled Printers

To print from your smartphone (either Android devices or iPhones/iPads), you must have a WiFi-enabled printer that is connected to the same network as your mobile device. If you have never printed from your mobile device before, we've included a test print option within the app so you can ensure your devices are working together properly before you purchase postage.

Create NetStamps

To create NetStamps in Stamps Mobile:

  1. Tap NetStamps.

    Stamps mobile. Drawer of Create options: NetStamps, Shipping Label, Envelope

    This will open the Create NetStamps page.

  2. Add your postage details on the Create NetStamps page (From Address, To country), and NetStamps sheet serial number. Then tap Review and Save.

    Create NetStamps page. Shows Address, NetStamp, and Mailing Details + Review Button
  3. Choose to either calculate postage by weight or specify a postage amount.

    Stamps mobile. Options Drawer for page: Postage determined by. 1. Calculate by Weight or 2. Specify Postage Amount
    • If you choose Calculate by Weight, you’ll then enter the weight of your mailpiece (the app will default to 1 oz).

    • If you choose Specify Postage Amount, you’ll then enter the exact amount of postage you wish to print.

  4. Select the type of First-Class Mail you wish to send.

    Stamps mobile. Carrier/Service page. Lists 3 USPS services and their rates + Save Button
  5. Enter the quantity of stamps to print and select any extra services if needed. Then tap Review.

You are now ready to print your NetStamps! You can print directly to a WiFi-enabled printer or download to print later.

Print or Download NetStamps

Printing requires your mobile device to be connected to the same WiFi network as the printer. If this is your first time printing NetStamps from your mobile device, we recommend performing a test print first. If you opt to download, the file will download to your mobile device. You can then share the file via email or other methods to print from another device.

  1. Choose whether you will Print or Download the NetStamps.

  2. Change the Mail Date if you are not mailing on the same day.

  3. Select where on the sheet to print your postage (if not printing an entire sheet or starting at the first position).

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