Printing Address Labels offers a range of labels designed to cater to different mailing needs. These multi-purpose labels come in various sizes for use as address labels, return labels, barcode labels, or for other labeling needs.

Requires PC Software

To use these labels, you must be using the latest version of PC Software, which you can download from

Print Sample Sheet

If you have not printed postage on these types of labels before, or if you are using a new printer, we recommend you print a sample on a mockup sheet first to ensure you load the sheet in the correct direction.

Sample prints are free. You may print as many as you need.

The following sample sheets are attached at the bottom of this article. Before you begin, open and print out the attached PDFs for the label type you want.

  • SDC-2210

  • SDC-2200

  • SDC-3110

  • SDC-4650

Once you have printed out the sample sheet:

  1. Load the sample sheet into your printer.

  2. Select your shipping label type and size from the Printing On drop-down menu.

  3. Click Print Sample.

  4. Check the printed sheet. If the label content did not print in the correct place, repeat this procedure, changing the orientation of the sheet (other side up or other end first).

Print Address Labels

To print an address label:

Supported Label Types

You can use the following types of label sheets with the PC Software.

You can print to most of the labels sold in the store directly from the PC software. However, some labels can only be used with a word processing application. Visit to download templates for various applications.



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