Create an Ecommerce Return Label

Returns are a reality of any ecommerce business. With, you can send a return label to your customer so they can quickly and easily return their order. You can create return labels for any orders you shipped domestically. International orders are currently not eligible for returns in

You have three options for creating return labels in

  • Email a prepaid return label: With this option, you'll buy a return label and email the label PDF to your recipient's email address.

    Emailed return labels are active for 24 hours once you create them. If the label is not used within 24 hours, you can request a refund for up to 28 days.

  • Email a QR code "no label" return: Use this option if your recipient does not have the ability to or prefers not to print the label themselves. Instead of a label PDF, they'll receive a QR code they can take to the Post Office or UPS drop-off location. The agent can then scan the QR code, print the label, and attach it to the shipment on the spot!

    QR codes expire after seven days once you create them.

  • Send a pay-on-use return label with the outgoing shipment: A pay-on-use return label is a label you are only charged for if it is used. Use this option to proactively send a return label in a shipment so your recipient already has the label should they need to return the item to you. This type of label does incur a small per-label fee.

    You can set Pay-On-Use return labels as the default for your stores, so every order you send will include one. You can also include certain order details (like item SKU or order #) and custom instructions to these labels to aid your return label workflow.

    The Pay-On-Use Return feature must be enabled for your account before you can create this type of label. If you are interested in this feature, contact our support team to have pay-on-use returns added to your account. Please note, certain subscription plans may not be eligible for this feature.

The processes for each type of return label are included in the sections below.

Email a Prepaid Return Label

Create a prepaid return label and email it to your recipient so they can return the items to you quickly and easily. This process is the same whether the original label was an ecommerce label or a non-ecommerce label.

Emailed return labels are active for 24 hours once created. If the label is not used, you can request a refund within 28 days.

To create and email a prepaid return label:

Your recipient will receive an email with a downloadable prepaid shipping label. They just need to print it, attach it to their return package, and drop off with the carrier.


Email a QR Code "No Label" Return

If your recipient doesn't have the ability to print a label, you can instead send them a QR code "no label" return. With this option, you'll generate a QR code your recipient can take to the carrier drop-off location. The agent will scan the QR code and print the return label for the package on the spot. This process is the same whether the original label was an ecommerce label or a non-ecommerce label.

To create a QR code return:

Your recipient will receive an email with a QR code. They can take that email on their phone to the Post Office or UPS location, along with the item to be returned. The clerk will scan the QR code, prepare and apply the label, and receive the package for shipment.


If they prefer, your recipient can also print the return label from the email if that is more convenient for them.


Include a Pay-On-Use Return Label

If you'd like to proactively include a return label in the outgoing shipment, you can choose to create the return label at the same time you create the outgoing label. These are called pay-on-use return labels, which means you don't pay for them unless they are used. If your recipient decides a return is needed, they will already have the label they need so they can return the items without contacting you first.

Pay-On-Use Returns Requirements

  • The pay-on-use return label feature must be enabled for your account.

  • Each pay-on-use return label you create includes a small additional label fee.

If you feel pay-on-use returns would benefit your business, contact our support team to request this feature be added to your account.

Certain plans may not be eligible for the Pay-On-Use Return feature.

When preparing an order to ship:

Both your outgoing and pay-on-use return labels will appear in the label preview. When you choose to print the label, both will print and you can include the return label inside the package.


Set Pay-On-Use Return Labels a Store Default

To save time when shipping your orders, you can set pay-on-use return labels as a default in your store settings. Then, every order you ship will automatically include a pay-on-use return Label.

For Online, go to the Store Settings, select a service from the Return Labels drop-down menu, and save your changes. For PC software, go to Profile Options > General, select a service from the Return Labels drop-down menu, and click Done.


Do this for each store that should have pay-on-use return labels as the default.

Add Order Details to Pay-On-Use Return Labels

You can add certain order information to the pay-on-use return labels you create, which can aid in your return label workflow. For example, you can include the order number or item SKU right on the label so you can confirm that the returned item is what it is supposed to be.

To add order details to the return label:

The Reference # and Instructions text will appear at the bottom of every pay-on-use return label you create.

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