Move the PC Software to a New Computer

It may become necessary to move the PC software from one PC to another, such as when you upgrade to a new computer or when replacing a failed PC. You may also wish to install the PC software on additional computers so that multiple users can access the software on their PC.

Install the PC Software

Whether moving the software from one computer to another or adding the software to additional computers, the process is the same.

  1. Download the latest version of the PC software.

  2. Follow the steps in our Install the PC Software guide to install the software on the new PC.

You will then log into the new workstation with your existing username and password. Your account preferences, history, and configuration will be available upon login.

Contact Lists

The addresses stored in your contact lists will not be transferred to the newly installed software. To move your contacts:

Export your existing contact list from the original PC and import the contact list into the software on the new PC.

Additional Considerations

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