Use Stamps PC Software in a Citrix Environment

The PC software can be deployed in a Citrix XenApp or Presentation Server environment, simplifying your application management process. Citrix servers can run any number of software instances so that no matter how many users you have, they can all use the application at the same time.

This article will cover how to install the PC software and will detail information important to the deployment of the software in your Citrix environment.

Install the PC Software

Follow these steps to install the software in a Citrix XenApp or Presentation Server environment. When installing on more than one server, you must follow this procedure for each server.

  1. Download the Stamps.exe file to your Citrix server.

  2. Put the Citrix server into Install mode using one of the following two methods:

    • Open the Add/Remove Programs applet and select Install Application

    • Invoke Change User/Install at the command line

  3. Browse to and launch the Stamps.exe file.

  4. Follow the steps in the installation wizard to install the software.

    During the installation, you will be given the option to install the Address Book Support features and plug-ins now or to install them at a later time.

  5. Use one of the following options to put the server back into Execute mode once the installation is complete:

    • Exit the Install Application program

    • Invoke Change User/Execute at the command line

Deploying the PC Software

User Data Management

While a user is using the PC software in the Citrix environment, the user's user data (such as the Address Book, Print History, and Purchase History) are stored on the Citrix server, not on the user's local machine. When the user closes the application, the user's data is copied to the user's roaming profile on the Windows domain controller.

When the user starts the PC software again, the user's data is copied from the Windows domain controller to the Citrix server and is available to the software.

Multiple User Login Instances

If a single user is logged into the software on more than one computer at the same time, the user's data for one session can be overwritten by the data from the other session. This can result in data loss for the user's Address Book, Favorites, Preferences, Printer Configurations, Dimension Sets, and Custom Envelope Layouts.


The PC software can print to any locally-attached or network printer, including thermal label printers.


The Citrix environment does not reliably support communication between the PC software and a locally-attached USB or serial scale. We recommend using a standalone scale and manually entering the weight into the software.

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