Creating & Using Favorites

Favorites allow you to save shipment configuration settings so you can then apply all of the saved settings with a single click. With Favorites, you can save as many or as few shipment details as needed, including what to print on, weight, service, insurance amount, and more. There is even an option to save the Ship To address if it is an address you ship to frequently.

Favorites are similar to using Order Presets but are available for configuring NetStamps, envelopes, and labels. For Online, Favorites are available when using the MAIL tab.

Save a Favorite with Insurance

If you frequently ship items worth more than the carrier's default loss/damage coverage, create a favorite that includes the insurance coverage amount. This way, you’re sure your valuable shipments are always covered in case of loss or damage.

Add and Apply a Favorite

To add and apply a favorite:

Manage Favorites

You can remove or rename a Favorite at any time. However, you cannot edit a Favorite. If you want to change the settings included in a Favorite, you must delete the old Favorite and create a new one with the settings you prefer.

To remove or rename a Favorite:

Assign Favorite to Scale Function Buttons

If you are using our PC software, you can assign Favorites to the function buttons on your postal scale. You can then use the function buttons on the scale to print the postage.

To map your function keys to your favorites:

  1. Go to Tools > Set Up Digital Scale.

    The Set Up Digital Scale dialog box will open.

  2. Select a Favorite in the drop-down list next to each function button.

  3. Select the AutoPrint check box if you want to print postage for this Favorite automatically as the parcel is weighed.

  4. Select your scale from the Name drop-down list. Click Save.

  5. Click Close to exit the Set Up Digital Scale dialog box.


The Favorite must include enough selections to calculate the postage without additional input from you. You must also select AutoPrint and specify your printer and printer options.

Once you have mapped your function buttons to your Favorites, simply press the function key that you wish to use so that it is illuminated. Place your item on the scale platform. Press the Enter button. If you have set the function button to auto-print, the print will begin immediately. Otherwise, your weight and favorite will be set in the software. All you need do is confirm and click Print Postage to complete your print.

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