Mobile App Mobile is the official Stamps mobile app, and it's available for free download on both Android and Apple devices.

Use Mobile to check your account shipment history and statuses on the go! You can also add funds to your account, buy shipping supplies from the online store, and print NetStamps, envelopes, and shipping labels.

This article will help you get started with the mobile app. To learn how to use the mailing and shipping features, visit the following help articles:

Are you using the latest version?

If you do not see the Envelope, NetStamps, or Contacts options in Mobile, make sure you have updated to the most recent version!

Download & Log In

To download and log in to your mobile app:

  1. Go to the App Store for your mobile device and download Mobile.

  2. Tap the StampsApp icon to open Mobile.

    Phone home screen. An arrow points to the Stamps mobile icon.
  3. Enter your account username and password, then tap Sign In.

    Stamps mobile app. Shows username and password fields. An arrow points to the Sign In button.

Upon login, you will see your account print history, including delivery status.

Stamps mobile History page, as seen upon the first login.

From here on out, Mobile will remember you on your phone. No need to log in. Just tap the app.

View Your Print History

To view your Print History on your Stamps mobile app:

  1. Tap History.

    Mobile app History screen with arrow pointing to History option in the navigation section

    All of your account print history will be displayed, including delivery status.

  2. Tap on an order to display its shipping details, including the tracking number.

    Stamps mobile: Prunt history page. Shows shipping, sender, and package details for a printed label

Reprint Only Available After Initial Print

Currently, you cannot reprint from your Print History page. The reprint option for labels, NetStamps, and envelopes appears only after your initial print. Once you leave that screen, you no longer have the option to reprint.

Add Funds to Your Account

If you have enabled auto-funding for your account, your account balance will automatically be refreshed. If not, you'll need to add funds manually.

To add funds to your account:

  1. Tap the Action menu icon Stamps Mobile action menu icon: 3 horizontal gray lines on the start page.

    Arrow points to the Action menu for Search My Prints, Stamps mobile app

    The account panel will open, displaying your account balance.

  2. Tap the plus (+) icon, then select the amount to add to your account or enter an amount.

    Stamps Mobile account page. Arrow points to value and plus sign by account Balance
  3. Tap Add Funds on this screen and again on the next screen to confirm your transaction.

    Arrow points to Add Funds button

Your new balance will be displayed.

Arrow points to Balance on Your Account page.

Buy Supplies

You can purchase shipping supplies, including free supplies from the USPS, to be delivered to your door completely free of charge, right from your mobile device.

Tap on the Store option to start shopping!

Stamps mobile app screen. An arrow points to the Store button.
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