Print Sample Envelope

Before you start printing envelopes, we recommend printing a sample envelope. This will help confirm your printer settings are correct and your envelopes are loaded properly. Printing a sample is a good way to ensure you don't misprint your envelopes since postage on an envelope can only be refunded with a mail-in form.

Sample prints are free, and you can print as many as you need.


  • Google Chrome browser or other supported browser. Does not apply to PC software.

    If you are not using Google Chrome as your browser, you must also have Connect installed and running.

  • A standard printer properly configured to print envelopes and connected to your workstation (either via USB or wireless network)

  • A blank envelope to use for your sample.

Print Your Sample

The first step is to load the sample envelope into your printer correctly. Whether you load the envelope face up or face down will depend on your specific printer. Modern printers will have an icon, usually in the paper tray, to indicate how to load your paper.


Once you've loaded your sample envelope into the printer, you are ready to print your sample.

To print a sample envelope:

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