Connect a Magento Store

Connect your Magento store to to import your orders and ship quickly.


Connection Requirements:

  • An active Magento account

  • Your Magento username and password

  • Connecting a store requires your account to be on either the E-commerce or one of our Legacy plans.

Order Import Requirements:

  • Only Processing orders will import

Connect a Magento Store

To connect a Magento store:

When importing orders from your Magento store for the first time, we will retrieve orders up to two days old. After that, orders up to seven days old will be retrieved.

Magento Custom Order Statuses can import custom order statuses from your Magento store if you are using PC software. Download the software from the website.

Once connected, you can add the custom order statuses to the list of statuses that you want to import.

  1. Click on Manage Data Sources and then on Edit Source.

  2. Select Magento Profile and click Edit.

  3. Enter the name of the statuses that you would like imported.

    You can enter multiple statuses by separating them by commas. Click Save when you are done, and then close the order status window.

  4. Click Done in the Profile Options pop-up.

  5. Click Done again to return to the batch screen.


You have added custom order statuses. You can repeat these steps if you need to add or remove order statuses later.

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