Using Best Rate

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to select the carrier and shipping service for every order? PC Software's Best Rate feature can do the work for you. By adding Shipping Method rules, you tell Best Rate which USPS service you want applied to your shipments based on the Shipping Method selected by your customer or to select the service with the best rate for you.

This article will guide you through:

  • Ensuring Best Rate is configured for your ODBC stores

  • Creating the Best Rate Shipping Method rules

  • How to manually apply Best Rate to shipments

  • How to edit your Shipping Method rules

Best Rate Available in the PC Software

The Best Rate feature is only available in the PC software and not in Online. You can download the PC software from the Download page.

Learn how to create and use automation rules in Online.

Looking for information on how to automatically apply the shipping service your customer selected when checking out in your online store? Check out our Using Service Mapping help article.

Configure Best Rate for ODBC Stores

When importing orders from an ODBC source such as your own database, an Excel spreadsheet, or a CSV file, it is necessary to ensure that the Shipping Method source column is mapped correctly in the PC software.

If you are importing orders from an online ecommerce store and not from an ODBC source, you can skip these steps and continue configuring your Best Rate Shipping Method rules.

To map the Shipping Method field:

You are now ready to set up your Best Rate rules.

Create Best Rate Shipping Method Rules

Create the Shipping Method rules to tell Best Rate which USPS service to apply to your shipments based on the Shipping Method selected by your customer.

The rules that you configured will be automatically applied to new orders as they import from now on. Learn how to manually apply your rules to orders that have already been imported.

Manually Apply Best Rate Rules

Best Rate rules are applied to orders as they import into the PC software. However, you may wish to manually apply rules to your orders. This can be useful after creating a new rule or after editing a rule.

To manually apply Best Rate rules:

Edit Best Rate Rules

To edit your rules:

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