Refund an Ecommerce Label

You can request an electronic refund for ecommerce labels you created when shipping orders. Your refund request will void the prior label. You cannot use labels once voided. The process to refund a label is the same whether created as an ecommerce label or a non-ecommerce label.

Some reasons you may need to request a refund include:

  • The label did not print, or it printed incorrectly.

  • You need to change the label details, like the service class or the recipient's address.

Before printing ecommerce labels, we recommend printing a sample to ensure your print settings are correct and the labels are loaded properly in your printer.


  • USPS labels without tracking: You must submit the request by mail with the required forms.

  • Postage with tracking (any carrier): You will submit the request electronically.

How to Refund an Ecommerce Label

To refund an ecommerce label:

Forms to Mail

You are ready to gather the forms to mail in your refund request (required for non-trackable USPS labels only).

  1. Print and sign the prefilled Refund Request form and enclose the following :

    • Misprint on the front or back of a shipping label or roll: Include your signed form, the postage details, and the misprinted label.

    • Accidentally printed on a plain sheet: Include your signed form, the postage details, and the misprinted label.

    • No postage printed: Include your signed form. The carrier handles these requests on a case-by-case basis.

  2. Mail your misprinted stamps and forms within 60 days of the postage print date to:

    Attn: Misprint Refunds

    PO Box 6026

    Inglewood, CA 90312-6026

    Your refund request will be submitted to the carrier for approval once we receive the items above. You will receive an email notification when the carrier has processed your request. Your refund will be deposited into your account.

Notes about Refunding E-commerce Labels

The way you submit the request determines the timeline for refund processing:

  • Electronic Refunds: You must submit e-refund requests for shipping labels within 28 days of the print date.

    Once approved, the system refunds postage to your account within 21 days.

  • Mail-In Refunds: You must submit mail-in refund requests within 60 days of the print date.

    Once approved, sends you an email notification and deposits the refund into your account. Refund requests are generally processed within 12 weeks of receipt of a claim.

Postage handled or returned to the sender by the carrier is not eligible for a refund. reports fraudulent postage refund claims to the carrier.

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