Create Manual Orders

Manual orders are orders created within that have not imported from a connected store. You can create a manual order if you haven't connected a store or for one-off shipments made outside of your store.

In, you can add and edit manual orders, as well as change the status of a manual order. This article will guide you through each of those processes.

Subscription Plan Requirement

This feature is not available for all subscription plans. If you would like to use this feature but cannot access it as described here, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Visit our plan pricing page to see what features are available with our current plans. To upgrade your plan, go to the profile menu in your account and choose Manage Account > Subscription Plan.

Add a Manual Order

To add a manual order:

Edit a Manual Order

Manual orders can be edited at any time before printing. To edit a manual order:

Change a Manual Order Status

Sometimes, you need to change the status of a manual order. You can do this in the ORDERS tab.

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