Connect a Yahoo! Store

Yahoo! Stores can connect to as an order source. When connected, you can manage all your shipping using


Connection Requirements:

  • A Yahoo account

  • Your Yahoo Store ID & Partner Store Contract Token

  • Connecting a store requires your account to be on either the E-commerce or one of our Legacy plans.

How to Connect Yahoo!

To connect your Yahoo! store to

Reauthorize Your Yahoo! Store

Reauthorizing your Yahoo! connection can be useful when permissions need to be reestablished between and your Yahoo! store, such as when you receive an error when importing orders.

If your Yahoo! Stores stops importing orders, you may need to refresh or reauthorize the store connection. The Yahoo! Store API Token needs to be renewed at least every 5 years.

Reauthorizing your connection will not affect your store settings, Service Mappings, or orders that have already been imported.

To reauthorize your Yahoo! store:

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