Connect an Amazon Store

Connect your Amazon store to to manage and ship your orders quickly.


Connection Requirements:

  • An Amazon Seller account on the Professional plan.

  • Amazon Seller Central username and password.

  • Connecting a store requires your account to be on either the E-commerce or one of our Legacy plans.

Order Import Requirements:

  • Only Payment Received orders will import.

How to Connect an Amazon Store

To connect an Amazon store to your account:

Available Amazon Stores

If your Amazon account has multiple Amazon Order Sources, repeat the connection process for each store you want to see in

  • Canada:

  • United Kingdom:

  • France:

  • Spain:

  • Germany:

  • Mexico:

  • Italy:

Personally Identifiable Information Removal

To protect your customer's privacy and adhere to Amazon's Data Protection Policy will automatically redact all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from orders and customer records imported from Amazon Marketplace after a set time has passed. This includes Amazon customer information no longer being saved automatically into our Contacts or Address Book features.

This policy affects order records in, as well as any customer records in that are associated solely with an Amazon Marketplace.

The Amazon order number is available to access order information through Amazon. For more information, please see Amazon’s Data Protection Policy. fully complies with the European Union General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR"). Under GDPR, the sender or recipient of any package sent to customers in the European Union may request that the recipient's PII be deleted or anonymized in our systems.

PII includes:

  • Customer name

  • Street Address

  • Phone Number

  • Gift Message Content

  • Usernames

  • Email Address (if not already encrypted by Amazon)

As part of our services, we will review all requests and respond according to our internal policies. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Reauthorize Your Amazon Store

Reauthorizing your Amazon connection can be useful when permissions need to be reestablished between and your Amazon store, such as when you receive an error when importing orders.

These are also the steps to follow if you receive the error message: Revocation Error in the Order interface when refreshing your Amazon Profile.

Reauthorizing your connection will not affect your store settings, Service Mappings, or orders that have already been imported.

To reauthorize your Amazon store:

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