Connect an eBay Store

Connect your eBay store to to manage and ship your orders quickly.


Connection Requirements:

  • An active eBay account

  • Your eBay username and password

  • Connecting a store requires your account to be on either the E-commerce or one of our Legacy plans.

Order Import Requirements:

  • Only Payment Received orders will import.

How to Connect an eBay Store

To connect an eBay store:

eBay Guaranteed Delivery

eBay Guaranteed Delivery lets buyers find items that will come by a certain date. If the package arrives late to the buyer, eBay covers the shipping costs and returns.

Qualified sellers can sign up for two types of eBay Guaranteed Delivery: handling time and "Get it by" delivery dates. supports both options.

To ensure eligibility for Guaranteed Delivery, your listing must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The product must have a fixed price.

  • Same-day or one-day handling time is required. Sellers opting for same-day handling should establish a daily cut-off point.

  • The product's listing must include a postal code indicating its location.

Handling and Dispatch Time

Handling and dispatch time is the time it takes you to pack your customer's order and the carrier scanning the shipment. You can count only weekdays or choose to include Saturdays and/or Sundays in your handling time if you ship on those days.

Offering handling time makes your items more appealing to buyers who want their orders delivered as soon as possible. This solution works best for sellers with a single location who can meet the time expectations.

Benefits for sellers using handling and dispatch time:

  • You can print handling time labels using any service, not just eBay.

  • If you print labels in and use handling time and the package is late, eBay will pay for the shipping or return labels if you meet the timeframe requirements.

eBay's Handling Time Setup has no control over eBay's handling time program.

To get started, learn how to set your listing's Handling time on eBay.

"Get it by" Delivery Dates

Sellers can opt-in to eBay's "Get it by" delivery dates. Unlike 'estimated delivery," which is set by eBay, "Get it by" delivery expectations are set by you, the seller. Setting your delivery date can give your items more visibility with customers.

eBay's Rate Table Setup has no control over eBay's rate table.

We recommend viewing the eBay Rate Table Tutorial to get started.

After you have set up your eBay Rate Tables:

  1. Go to the ORDERS tab and click the settings icon.

  2. Select the Stores under Orders.

  3. Select your connected eBay store.

  4. Map the eBay rate tables to your Orders Ship Method presets.

Your orders will import with the rate table set as the shipping method. Ship within one business day of receiving your customer's order using the mapped shipping methods. Once shipped, will upload the required tracking numbers to eBay.

Reauthorize Your eBay Store

For your security, eBay may occasionally require that you reauthorize your connection to If you receive an error that your eBay connection has expired, you will need to reconnect to eBay.

Reauthorizing your connection will not affect your store settings, Service Mappings, or orders that have already been imported.

To reauthorize your connection:

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