Add a Location to an Enterprise Account

To add locations to a Enterprise account, an account corporate admin must download and fill out the Add Location CSV file with the new locations and primary user details. You'll then submit the request to our Enterprise Support team.

Once we receive the request, the location(s) and user account(s) will be created within 5-7 business days.

Request New Locations

To request new locations:

  1. Log into your account as the corporate admin and choose Manage Account from the profile menu.

  2. Go to All Locations under the Corporate-Wide Settings and click Request New Locations.


    The Request New Locations pop-up will open. If you have not already downloaded the request template, you can download the sample file from the provided link.

  3. Select your updated new location CSV file (see the How to Edit steps below for instructions on updating the CSV file).

  4. Enter any additional instructions in the blank field and submit your request.

    The corporate admin will receive a confirmation email shortly.

After the accounts have been created, the new users will receive a welcome email from us that includes important activation information.

How to Edit the New Locations CSV

To add the new locations to the CSV file, follow the steps below. Once completed, you can select the CSV file during the request submission process.

  1. Open the file on your workstation to edit it.

    In the sample file, delete the sample data, but do not edit the column headers.

  2. (Optional) Add another Corporate Administrator, if needed, by entering your company's corporate administrator's information in Rows 3-5.

    This can be changed at any point via the Corporate Admin portal. Please note that Corporate Admins cannot print or purchase postage using this account.

  3. Add one office location per line (starting with Row 8).

    • Each location name must be unique with a limit of 29 characters.

    • The primary user will be the Location Administrator and will be the main point of contact for this location.

    • Do not include additional users within the same location. You can add individual users after the location is created via the Corporate Admin/Location Admin portal.

  4. Fill in the fields for each location you wish to add. Required fields are:

    • Location Name

    • Primary User Phone #

    • Primary User First Name

    • Primary User Last Name

    • Primary User Email Address

    • Primary User Street Address, City, State, Zip


    Only provide the location address and not the corporate billing address. This will match the "Ship From" when you print your postage.

  5. Save your changes.

    You can now select the updated file in the Request New Location pop-up.

Should you require additional assistance or have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Enterprise Support team via

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